Don't miss the pastries!

Erice is not only famous for it’s pesto Ericino. It is a beautiful old village on the top of Mount Erice, Northwest of Siciliy. The view from the hillside over Trapani and the coastline is stunning.

Cobbelstone in beautiful patterns.

There is a sense of contemplation when you walk in to the centre of Erice. The old shiny cobblestone in beautiful patterns. The fresh breeze. The light from the sky and shine far away from the sea. The swallows that are singing. The old antique buildings. It feels like you entering a holy place. And maybe you are, because I have never been to any city, so small and yet with som many churches and monasteries.

Every time I visit Erice I have to eat some of the traditional almond cakes.

almond cakes erice annasfoodstories
A tower of almond cakes at Maria Grammatico Pasticceria.

The Pasticceria Maria Grammatico is very famous and has a sweet history. It started with Maria Grammatico in 1964 with some almonds and a desire to make a business based on old traditions and local products. Today she is delivering pastries all over the world and hands over her experiences and the secrets of Erice’s traditions for pastries in her own cooking school. One day, I will attend to her school and please let me know if you would like to join me!

Pastry Maria Grammatico Erice annasfoodstories
A glimpse in to the famous pastry shop. It almost feels like home with wooden walls and very cosy.
Outside Pastry Maria Grammatico Erice annasfoodstories
Time for closing at the pastry shop and for a chat with the neighbor.
there is always a via garibaldi erice annasfoodstories
There is a Via Garibaldi in every city in Italy, a rustic and small one in Erice.
vendesi erice annasfoodstories
“Vendesi” means for sale. I always keep an eye open for a house for sale in Sicily !

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