This is hardly a recipe. It is more a suggestion of what you can make as a dessert. If you want to impress someone, and want to be sure that you can succeed, go for this one!

You need:

Olive oil

Two pears

A piece of Gorgonzola Dulce, ca 150 gr

Gorgonzola Dulce

This is how you make Pear & Blue Cheese:

Slice the pears. Don’t use the part in the middle with pits.

Heat a pan, and add some olive oil or a little bit of butter. Fry the pears on one side. Turn them when they are slightly brown on the edges. When you have turned them, lay a piece of cheese on each slice. Turn down the heat. When the pears get fried, they get sweeter. Enjoy the sight and the smell of the melting cheese. When the pears are slightly brown under, and the cheese has melted, it is ready.

And yes, it tastes very good on a slice of bread as well!


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