Palermitano wannabe

The spicy, smoked and salty mackerel in tomato sauce make this pasta a perfect Palermitano wannabe! You make the sauce, add the fish fillet and dig in to a healthy and tasty pasta dish. The mackerel has a good texture and it’s a little bit sweet. This recipe is from my cooking book SÅ GODT! If you would like to make the pasta even a bit more Sicilian you might exchange the selleri with fennel and add som raisins and pine nuts to the tomato sauce.

Du trenger: 

  • Tomato sauce, as describes in an earlier post
  • 1 fillet of peppered smoked mackerel (150 g)
  • 200 g pasta

This is how you make peppered smoked mackerel:

taking the skin off peppered smoked mackerel annasfoodstories
Remove the skin form the smoked fish fillet. Photo: Pål Hoff.
  • Devide the fillet of mackerel in nice pieces. The fish does not need any cooking, just to be warmed in the tomato sauce.
  • Make your pasta, and follow my helpful hints to pasta success.
  • Mix the undercooked pasta with the tomato sauce and mackerel and let simmer for 2 minutes. The pasta is ready!
pasta with tomato sauce and smoked mackerel annasfoodstories
Mix the pasta in to the tomato sauce with mackerel. Photo: Pål Hoff.
Fish nets in autumn colors at the harbor in Palermo.
Fish nets in autumn colors at the harbor in Palermo.

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