My best travelling buddy

Her name is May Karin, but in Italy it’s Karin. We are both Psychologists and met in 1996 at a hospital in Stavanger, West coast of Norway. We connected easily because we both liked traveling, simple living and were probably both a little bit crazy. And we loved Italy. We had both spent time in our twenties in Italy, she, as a traveling guide by The lake of Garda.

We have travelled a lot together with our children, with friends and just the two of us. Mostly we have been travelling to the south of Italy. When Lonely Planet wrote: “Here is practically nothing to see”, as they’ve done for many places in the South of Italy, we knew we had to go there. There are the best restaurants. There is the best, incredible wine. So many places we meet people that become our friends for a day or for life.

Karin is an experienced psychologist with treatment of people with addiction and substance abuse disorders. For this year she is taking up leave from her job,  living in Palermo, practising the Italian language and aiming a colorful life experience.

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