My thoughts on desserts

After a meal, I very often crave something sweet. The first thing that often comes to my mind is chocolate, but actually, I just need something like berries, like grapes and raspberries. In Norway, we serve a cup of coffee right after dinner and traditionally we had something called “coffee food”, something nice and sweet to eat together with the coffee. We are talking about a chocolate cake that lasted forever, a fruitcake, waffles or soft potato bread.  

In Sicily, it is not very common to make desserts at home. The “Pasticcerias” have excellent baked goods and sweets, so the Sicilians prefer to buy a dessert and bring it to the table.

almondcakes yellow annasfoodstories
Sicilian almond cakes.

And, not to forget the “Gelaterias”. We are probably talking about the best ice creams and sorbets in the world! The Sicilians in all ages will go out for an ice cream, after lunch or dinner at home.

At one restaurant in Matera, South of Italy, that had a Michelin guide star and recommendations, I will never forget the dessert we got. One orange. Yeah, after a long meal, lot’s of fantastic wine, we got one orange each. One could call it rustic and not too fancy? 

Back to you and me. I will share with you my way to make desserts easy, colorful, tasty and with close to zero effort. My cravings for something sweet, combined with my lack of skills in baking, leaves me with fruit, berries, herbs, nuts, cheese, and honey. And let me tell you a secret, I like to impress people. I know, it is really childish. So, if I can impress anyone with a hidden surprise I love to try it with my desserts. Stay tuned!

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