If you ever visit Palermo, don't miss Rosticceria al pezzo tavola calda

Rosticceria al pezzo tavola calda is lying in a backstreet of the popular pedestrian street called Via Principe di Belmonte in Palermo. In Via Principe di Belmonte you’ll find fancy shops, famous restaurants and popular bars. But, if you get hungry after all the window shopping, you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you just want a bite but still something good, well, here is my warm recommendation for you: Rosticceria al pezzo, Via Principe Granateli 31. It is packed during lunchtime, for a very good reason. Their filled paninis, or brioche as they are called, the arancinis and pizza slices are fantastic!

rosticceria al pezzo behind the desk annasfoodstories

They are soft, fresh, warm, smells like heaven and taste like homemade. You’ll find paninis / brioche stuffed with plentiful sliced prosciutto that results an incredible salty bite, and the cheeses melt and ooze into the bread. During the winter they make stuffing with a strong blue cheese and salame piccante.  My favorite is filled with lots of spinach and melting mozarella.

rosticceria al pezzo with spinach annasfoodstories
My favorite brioche is with spinach and melting mozarella.

Everything is made fresh every day and many times during the day. The bakery is in the room behind the restaurant. Their ingredients are Italian, like the flour, the yeast and the fillings. You can smell that the flour that is used is good quality.

best stuffed paninis in palermo brioche annasfoodstories
Soft, warm and new baked filled paninis.
rosticceria al pezzo panini annasfoodstories
Soft and warm brioche with meat and tomatosauce..

The prices are friendly, for € 2,50 you get something good to eat and a local beer in a busy and welcoming atmosphere.

rosticceria al pezzo annasfoodstories
Friendly prices.



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