My name is Anne Gro Innstrand. In Italy I am called, Anna. Together with my friend Karin, have I taken one year leave from my work as psychologists in Norway, to practise happiness and collect food stories in Palermo.

I am a mother of two grown up, seemingly well behaved, but rebel, daughters. Luckily they are both foodies like me. Mathilde (26, vegetarian) is the baker and dough expert in our family. She will share with us some of her best recipes on slow bread and sweet cakes!

Mathilde, baking braided bread.

Sunniva (25, not vegetarian) is more into a combination of everything, as long as it is spicy and can feed a party. Sunniva has just received her license to hunt. Together with her father she will go hunting for the best meat. She has promised me to share her best recipes on tender meat and spicy, party food.

Sunniva to the left, and Mathilde to the right.

To share a meal is to share life

In my life almost everything is related to food and it’s stories. It is about the stories made and shared through a meal. It is how we are connected to our childhood, people we love or people we met along the way. Through food and food stories, we keep or change  traditions through generations. Food is about emotions and expectations. It is about love and how we remember moments with our grandparents, our parents and moments with our children. We learn from each other the different traditions and memories related to food. Through food stories I can connect and we ca understand each other. To share a meal is to share life.  

Here, on the blog I will share recipes and food stories. You will find recipes on food from around the world, but mainly from Sicily and Norway. I want to show you Palermo and it’s people through food, so maybe you too can love this place as I do. You can follow my Instagram and Facebook account for a more everyday look into Sicilian life and all things food related. In Other Projects you will find some of my other projects through related to food through the years the years, among them my cookbook Så Godt!

If you would like to know more about me and what I do, or collaborate on something, please don’t hesitate to contact me on e-mail:

I hope you enjoy the blog!