Have you wondered why the pasta in Italy often taste so much better than the one you make at home? One secret is to cook the pasta together with the sauce the last minutes of the cooking time. This is so smart, because then the taste and flavors of the sauce goes into the pasta. The next thing is probably also the amount of olive oil or butter, but that is another story.

  1. Use a pasta pan with strainer. It makes the cooking of pasta more easy and you can effortless save your pasta water.
    1. Or use a slotted spoon to lift your pasta from the water to the sauce.
  2. If you cook vegetables for the pasta sauce, cook them in the same water as the pasta. That gives you as much flavors as possible.
  3. Undercook your pasta with two minutes.
  4. Let your pasta cook together with the sauce the remaining two minutes.
  5. Pour in pasta water to the sauce if your pasta get dry.

Measurement: 100 g pasta per person. If you use whole wheat pasta, make it 80 g pasta per person.

kitchenstuff second hand annasfoodstories
Kitchen stuff, second hand. Photo: Pål Hoff

Look after kitchen equipment in second hand shops or at flee markets. Except from that, Ikea is selling good pasta pans for a relatively low cost.

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